It usually is, right? And that was my first thought when I came across an opinion piece this morning that was written by a fellow REALTOR® – I was like WHAT?? Are you serious?? But what about….insert all the reasons that popped into my head about why what he’s suggesting isn’t the best idea, lol!
In the article (read it HERE) he suggests that it’s a good idea for us (REALTORS®) to recommend to our clients that they should buy former grow-ops in order for them to get a “deal”. But what he doesn’t get into is all the difficulties that go along with purchasing a property like that …so here’s the short version of some of the challenges associated with buying a “stigmatized” property:
So you’re dead in the water right there unless you’re paying for the property in cash. But say you have the cash to both purchase the property & remediate the issues that usually go along with a grow-op, like mold & electrical issues, just to name 2. It then depends on what you want to do with the property then. Are YOU going to live in it? Are you going to rent it out? Try & resell it for a profit?
I’m going to leave it here for you today & work on writing a full blog post about it to go out to you next week…otherwise this email is going to turn into a novel!
There are so many angles to consider…disclosure laws, the de-valuation of a property that’s been stigmatized, fraud, banking policies & more, PLUS I have a real-life example for you about a situation that my own clients got unknowingly caught up in last year that cost them big bucks when they sold!

Part 1 in this series can be found HERE

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